Custom Website

Website will be created from scratch. Starting from Wire framing , creating PSD using Photoshop and then converting into webpages using any front – end technology and if it is dynamic website create back-end . Generally companies prefer creating custom web development to get exact same feature what they want and how the website should look.

Today, there are many options for creating a new web site design.  You can use a do-it-yourself template based program, usually with drag and cut and paste functionality.  You can hire a large company who specializes in a bunch of other unrelated services to offer you their “customized” templates.  You can hire a professional web design company with minimal experience.  Or you can hire a seasoned professional web design firm.

When Doozy Info creates a new web design, we start from scratch.  No templates, no pre-packaged graphics.  Our designers will create a series of mock up designs to share with the client and revise them as feedback requires.  We have extensive experience in fine art and graphics arts and we love to bring creative ideas to your business’s web presence.

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